Display of Strength?

There has been a bit of debate the President’s decision to have a military parade over the past couple days; so I thought I would take a moment to give my opinion on the matter.  A display of this sort is not to honor the men and women who have served and those who are currently serving or if it’s a victory parade; instead, it’s for other countries to see our military strength and be intimidated.

I support a strong military and one that is respected but America shouldn’t be in the practice of intimidation by force.  Rather we should reach for diplomacy first; if diplomacy fails and all other options fail then force may be used but only as a last resort.  If we are concerned about a potential conflict why we display our weapons so our enemies can prepare?

Another concern I have with this sort of parade is that only socialistic countries organize and puts on such a display.  America’s great because we and the rest of the world know that we have something no one else does and that’s one of the most powerful militaries.  So why are we acting like the rest of the world?