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Display of Strength?

There has been a bit of debate the President’s decision to have a military parade over the past couple days; so I thought I would take a moment to give my opinion on the matter.  (Read More…)

What the First Amendment Addresses

Due to the recent controversy regarding the protest of the National Anthem, I’d like to remind everyone what’s in the First Amendment. However, before I do I will say this: I believe every American who’s able (Read More…)

The Art of The Protest

I’d like to take a moment to address the issue of the National Anthem protests. Everyone has the right to protest peacefully, which is what several of the NFL players are doing. Do I agree (Read More…)

A Militarized Police Force

Today President Trump gave yet another Executive Order, this one allows police departments to possess military grade equipment. I support those in law enforcement, I find this to be very disturbing, here’s why: Whenever law (Read More…)

On the Issues

Religious Freedoms  I will fight to protect religious freedoms; I believe the government has crossed the line in recent years. By this I mean: Whenever a small business is forced to perform a service which (Read More…)