On the Issues

Religious Freedoms 

I will fight to protect religious freedoms; I believe the government has crossed the line in recent years. By this I mean: Whenever a small business is forced to perform a service which contradicts the religious beliefs of the owner.


I believe that we are created with certain unalienable rights given to us by God, one of which is life. To deny those rights is a direct violation. I do however believe that if a person is a serial killer or known terrorist then they forfeit their rights.


Second Amendment 

I am a strong believer of the 2nd Amendment, armed citizens ensure that they are able to protect themselves against criminals and that the government doesn’t become tyrannical.



For far too long our veterans have received less than adequate care because they go to the V.A. clinics/hospitals, which are under staffed to be able to see that each veteran’s needs are met. The V.A. does not publish financial reports for the public to review; however whenever I have spoken with veterans who go to the V.A., they had the same complaint. Because of the waiting list to be seen is extremely long many veterans go without the care which is necessary for them. Veterans should be able to see the doctor of their choice, this would reduce the waiting period of getting in to see a doctor and more of our veterans would receive the attention that they deserve and require.



Taxes are hurting Tennesseans especially in my district between low paying jobs, insurance and the cost of living. However, I am not for raising wages for the simple fact that if wages are raised the cost of everything else would increase in order for employers to pay their employees more.



When the people are able to choose from a wide variety of health insurance providers premiums will decrease, which will in turn stimulate the economy. However whenever government is involved it limits the number of providers and that means insurance companies are able to set the premiums higher which hurts the economy because the people are unable to afford it. This is why I am going to fight for free market health insurance, Tennessean paid a minimum of $575/mo. in 2016 for health insurance which covers next to nothing, A one-bedroom apartment in Tennessee has an average rent of $857. If you want to rent a two-bedroom apartment in Tennessee, you can expect to pay around the average of $995 per month. Three bedrooms will cost around $1,182. These figures do not include any other cost of living. How can the average person survive living like this? The answer is simple; no one can! This why I will do my absolute best to fight for a free market based insurance system.



(A.) Immigrants should have the right to the pursuit of a better life but should enter America legally. Sanctuary cities are unconstitutional. I do not believe criminals should be protected from the law, especially those living in America illegally. I understand and believe that states have the right to self-govern. However, the Constitution is still the supreme law of the land. So if a person is living here illegally that person is already a criminal. (B.) Sanctuary cities are unconstitutional. I do not believe criminals should be protected from the law, especially those living in America illegally.