What Two Super Bowl Ads Told Us

I will begin by saying I didn’t watch the Super Bowl this year because of the issue of the National Anthem.  However, I watched some of the ads shown during the Super Bowl and I was impressed by two in particular.  The first being the Ram ad featuring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speaking; the second ad which stood out to me was Toyota’s.  Here’s why they stood out from the rest; both ads appealed to the everyday person because no matter what your situation is there’s hope for a better tomorrow.  As long as we believe and work toward it, as a man of faith I believe we should seek God’s will then strive to achieve our goals.   Which is why I am running; my desire is to represent the everyday person because in reality government should represent the people, not the people represent the government.  I would encourage you to the two ads below:

Ram Trucks Super Bowl Commercial Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  “Built to Serve”


Toyota Super Bowl Commercial 2018 “Good Odds”